2017 MLB playoff preview

MLB Ball

The 2017 MLB post season is already into its third round and we have seen some pretty amazing plays so far. We have seen some heart breakers and some great comebacks. This year has definitely been a weird one to say the least.

The AL (American League) wild card round came in with the New York Yankee’s facing off against the Minnesota Twins. This game was a hit parade to say the least and both team’s sluggers came to play. In the end, the Yankees got the upper hand on the Twins and won with a final score of 8-4.

Then the NL (National League) wildcard game came in with the Arizona Diamondbacks facing off against their division rival Colorado Rockies. Once again this game was another high scoring game as each team both had the long ball working for them. The Rockies were so close to making a huge comeback, but the Diamondbacks were just too much for them to handle and won 11-8.

Then the divisional round came in, which was a crazy one. The AL kicked off with the Boston Red Sox facing off against the Houston Astros. This round was a fairly interesting one, but in the end the Astros were just too much to handle for the Red Sox, beating them 3-1 in the best of five.

The other matchup in the AL was between the New York Yankees and the Cleveland Indians. This was an amazing series as the Indians took a quick 2-0 series lead, but the Yankee’s clearly did not want to go home as they made an amazing comeback and won the series 3-2.

Over at the NL match ups, it kicked off with the LA Dodgers facing off against division rivals the Arizona Diamondbacks. This series wasn’t very entertaining as the Dodgers basically shut down Arizona’s offence completely and brought out the broom for a 3-0 series sweep. The second matchup of the NL was between my favourite team, the Washington Nationals, and the World Series defending champions, the Chicago Cubs.

To me, this was the most entertaining series out of all of them and the series kept going back and forth between the two teams. One team would win one game and then the next game the other team would win. Sadly, my Nationals came up short in game five, losing a really close game to the Cubs 9-8. Washington still goes on in history without a playoff series win in its franchise history.

After all that heartbreak, along came in the championship series. The AL matchup was between the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees. The Astros took a quick 2-0 series lead as their two aces Justin Verlander and Dallas Keuchel pitched outstanding, but just like in the Divisional series, the Yankees stormed back winning the last three games giving them a 3-2 series lead in the best of seven series. Yes everyone, Houston, we have a problem!

The NLCS series kicked off with the LA Dodgers facing off against the Chicago Cubs. The Dodgers, just like in all of their series so far, are the favorites. The Dodgers took a commanding 3-0 series lead and looked to sweep yet another series, but Baez and the Cubs came in winning game four to make the series 3-1.

With the Championship series almost over, it’ll be neat to see who comes on top. My prediction is for the Yankees to win their series and face off against the LA Dodgers. It will be a classic matchup as the two teams have faced each other in the World Series before back around thirty years ago. This year’s playoffs have been crazy and in the end, anything is possible.

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