A Terrorific Place

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Halloween is something that only comes once a year to most, but that’s not the case with Richard and Glory Reimer.

The Reimers are the proud owners of the Creepy Hollow, which is located about 40 minutes outside of Lethbridge.

They have been open in that location for only three short years, but things have gone rather well this year says Richard Reimer.

“Well I think it’s been pretty good, although the weather hasn’t been cooperative. The comments people have been leaving have been very positive.”

The location has multiple activities on site, including a maze, graveyard, pumpkin patch, and playground.

The fun doesn’t stop there, as a new fun addition has just been added this year says co-owner Glory Reimer.

“We’ve added a new feature this year, in which were hoping will continue to help business and draw people in, and that’s the hearse drawn horse ride.”

As Halloween is only few days away, Glory says that they expect to get busier and busier as the night approaches.

“Absolutely, every day and every weekend, so this upcoming weekend is hopefully going to be huge for us.”

One of the main attractions on site, would be the Haunted Mansion which is also the largest buildings there.

The house features many different rooms, with many different creepy ghosts and ghouls throughout the vicinity.

The Reimers take you on a visit through the house, hoping to get a few scares along the way.

The house is very dark, and with the many different creatures set up around the house, it sets up nicely as a great place for kids.

Another feature of the location would be the Monster Hall, where they set up murder mysteries for the kids.

The hall is a dark room set up, with multiple creatures surrounding a table, with a crocodile laying across.

On Friday and Saturday nights, they set up spook nights which are typically the busiest nights says Richard.

“Spook nights generate a lot of interest, as they are during prime hours, and the nights gather the biggest crowds.”

Reimer says that they will be sticking with a spook night on Halloween night itself.

The mansion used to be located at Stirling, but the Reimers were forced to pack up and move to a new location a few short years ago.

There were petitions going around to keep the site in Stirling, but it was to no avail.

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