A year for the comeback kings

column-headerWhy is Tom Brady so good?

He has a hand that has a Super Bowl ring on every single finger now.

That game this weekend might have been one of the greatest moments in Super Bowl history, especially since it was the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.

The best offensive team in the league with one of the best players (if not the best) to ever play the game coming back from a 25-point deficit over the defense that’s scored more points than any other team in the league.

And to be perfectly honest, as much as I did not want the Patriots to win, part of me still wanted to see them pull it off.

That stuff only happens in movies.

But this is not a common occurrence this year.


Out of the four major North American sports championships this year, three have been wins from arguably the best player in the game today or of all time, and two of those have been major comebacks.

Let’s look at the NBA championships.

LeBron James and the heavily favoured Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors.

The Cavs went up 3-1 early in the series and looked like they were going to win it, before James led his team back into the series and won three straight, taking the NBA title and earning him the MVP, just like Tom Brady.

Now we move on to the NHL.

San Jose Sharks and Sidney Crosby the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Now unlike the other two series’, this one didn’t really have a favourite going into it, and the Penguins started off with two wins in the series.

Even though he didn’t put up the most impressive offensive numbers, Crosby had a stellar performance through the whole series and got the MVP award of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

It has just been an absolutely crazy year in sports, where the teams that no one wants to see win, do.

Maybe it’s some sort of weird built up karma type of thing after the World Series.

Even in the CFL, Henry Burris led the Ottawa Redblacks to a Grey Cup before retiring a couple weeks ago.

The Cubs waited 108 years for to win another World Series, another one of the great moments in sports we’ve seen this year.

So as we get closer to the next championships, being the Stanley Cup playoffs, we have three of the best of all time with new rings on their fingers.

So the best of their sports are crowned the kings of their court this year, which just doesn’t happen.

Hopefully next year is a little better for my teams, but until then, go Blue Jays, go Raptors, go Texans, go Red Wings, and go Riders.

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