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About Lethbridge Campus Media

weblogo2 is an education-based media group produced by second-year students in the Digital Communications and Media program at Lethbridge College. encompasses the Endeavour, a newspaper; The Kodiak, an online radio station and eNews, a television news program, all on one website.

Digital Communications and Media students plan, sell advertising, write, design, create and produce everything within their media properties in a practical learning environment. Faculty advisors assist and guide the students throughout the entire process.


Potential Reach

The Endeavour is published four times during the academic school year, with endeavouricon800 copies printed and distributed per edition, reaching students, staff, faculty and visitors across the Lethbridge College campus.

enewsiconeNews is a television news program bringing college campus and Lethbridge stories. eNews is streamed online and broadcast on Shaw.


The Kodiak broadcasts online radio fusion 24 hours a day, seven days a week from September to April.  Kodiak radio brings those who tune in news on the hour as well as all favourite music and specialty programming.


Support Benefits 

By supporting you help students gain hands-on career training, invaluable to the success of their future careers, all while promoting your business to potential customers.

With our new customizable support packages, you have the opportunity to hand select the products most valuable to you and your business. Our sales reps work with you to create unique advertising concepts that complement from one medium to the next. From social media and print, to promotions and radio, students will create campaigns perfectly aligned with your organization’s goals. is a learning project for students, so our advertising rates are substantially lower compared to similar mediums. With timely stories, intriguing profiles and vast circulation, your business will surely benefit.

Thank you for choosing to support! We look forward to building a relationship with you.


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