Alberta under rating?

Movie Ratings

By Tyler Willment

R-rated films may be taking witty raunchy one liners and explosive violence too far and people allowed to view these films may be to young.

“Not enough films are rated “R” in Alberta” said Joshua Mudryk, general manager of The Movie Mill.

An example is the United States of America film rating system gave Deadpool an “R” rating but the Alberta film rating system only rated it “14A.”


The difference is that an “R” rating prohibits minors from seeing the movie but with a “14A” rating minors under 14 can view the film by being accompanied by an adult.

Mudryk said that an eight-year-old can be allowed to view Deadpool if they are accompanied by an adult.

“About half the films that get an “R” rating in the U.S get an [equivalent] rating in Alberta,” said Mudryk.

The Grimsby Brothers is another R-rated movie in the U.S but it is rated “18A” in Alberta. This means anyone under 18 can see the film while being accompanied by adult in Alberta. That same minor would not be able to see it in the U.S.

Kimberly Thompson, Associate Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management at Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and Director of the Kids Risk Project was quoted in a HSPH press release on July 13, 2004 that “The [study done by the Kids Risk Project] findings demonstrate that ratings creep has occurred over the last decade and that today’s movies contain significantly more violence, sex, and profanity on average than movies of the same rating a decade ago.”

The study may be true in the increase of these three areas but it is not agreed upon that it has gone too far.

“I don’t think the film industry has taken content too far,” said Bryce Cumpstone, a character finaling artist at Nitrogen Studios in Vancouver.

Cumpstone is currently working on the Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg R-rated animated film known as Sausage Party.

This film is currently pushing the limits of film ratings according to Rogen and Goldberg at the South by Southwest Film Festival (SXSW) question and answer panel after the screening in Austin, Texas.

“This is the craziest thing I have ever seen,” said Cumpstone.

The reviews for this unprecedented raunchfest have been overwhelmingly positive according to Cumpstone. People at the SXSW Film Festival panel also showed positive reviews of the film.

Cumpstone said that he is very desensitized to the movie and wants to see the reactions of people when the film is finally released on August 12 of this year.

“The trailer was a little goofy so I am hesitant but I might go see it,” said Tanner Schnell, a University of Lethbridge student.

Schnell doesn’t mind R-rated content and watches those films.

“I believe that R-rated films are reasonable as long as they keep the “R” rating and that parents are responsible,” said Schnell.

Mudryk shares the view that everyone is different and will react differently to certain content.

“If you don’t like it, don’t go see it, you have that power,” said Cumpstone.


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