Around the world in one day

A Ukrainian booth set up to show traditional artifacts at Bridging cultures.

A Ukrainian booth set up to show traditional artifacts at Bridging cultures.

Lethbridge College students and staff were able to take a trip around the world without leaving campus last week. The Bridging Cultures event features performances, food and music from different countries
around the world.
This year featured five different continents to experience right here at the college. The event moved into a larger location as the Val Matteotti gymnasium played hosts for the celebration. In previous years the college’s centre core was the setting for the cultural festivity, but this year’s organizers felt that the gym offered more space to everyone.


“I think we’d like to focus to the community partners and the Lethbridge community, I think next year we’d like to reach further out to the community,” said chair of the English language centre, Scott Lehbauer.
Having an event that celebrates diversity at Lethbridge College is important to Lehbauer and making sure that they do their part in making sure everyone stays connected.
“I think people need to experience that we are living in a very small world these days. We have 250 international students on campus and I think it’s a great opportunity for us to celebrate them being here,” adds Lehbauer.
Having the event held in the bigger space may mean expansion for the annual event in coming years.

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