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Blue Jays ready to take flight

How weird is it to see Edwin Encarnción in a Cleveland jersey? I turned on the game just as he hit his first home run of the season. The entire time all I could think was why is he not in a Blue Jays uni? The swing, the sound of the ball off the bat


2017 Lethbridge Census

Lethbridge is currently in the midst of completing its 2017 census. Findings from last year’s shows that Lethbridge is currently the fifth fastest growing city in Canada and after this year’s run they could be over the 100,000 mark. Once again this year, residents can complete the census online or through the door to door


Parks and Exhibition’s million dollar idea

  Two groups in Lethbridge hope to get investment from the city of Lethbridge in order to fund their attempts to build multi-purpose centres. Exhibition Park has been working for numerous years on adding to its existing facilities. Management at the park say they are well on their way to having plans completed for the


Steady Freddy and the Maple Leafs

My goodness, who would have thought the Toronto Maple Leafs would be in a playoff spot at this point of the year? I’ve been a Leafs fan my entire life and I would have bet against them making it. The team finished in last place just one season ago, which got them the number one


Canada aiding the world

The Canadian government has announced the country will provide $119 million to countries in the midst of a food crisis. This includes $27 million to Nigeria, $21 million to Somalia, $37 million to South Sudan and $34 million to Yemen. These four countries have been identified as the most in need right now. Canada provided

Waterton flexes mussels

Waterton Lakes National Park have banned motorized water vehicles like to try and combat an invasive mussel species. Parks Canada made the decision after large Aquatic Mussels larvae were found in the Tiber Reservoir in Montana last November. Once the species are found in an ecosystem they are almost impossible to get rid of and


Word to your mother, ice-ice safety

  While the temperatures are rising, frozen waters in Lethbridge have become unsafe. The lakes in Lethbridge have a considerable amount of danger due to melting ice. More people are doing activities outside and the city has to take precaution to keep people off the ice. “We monitor the ice conditions in three of our