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What’s your beef?

This week my beef is a little more serious. I have a beef with people who think they are entitled to end strangers’ lives. Last Sunday, Stephen Paddock ended the lives of 58 people and forever changed countless more. No one will ever know what truly drove Paddock to do this senseless act. I’ve never understood

What’s your beef?

This week my beef lies with a simple body part: the knee. The knee is something that has allowed people to live out their lives in freedom and happiness. But recently, the knee has been surrounded with backlash and protest. Over the past few weeks, many sports teams and athletes have kneeled during the U.S. national

Christmas came early – How businesses prepare months in advance

Christmas is a busy time of year for everyone and that includes businesses. Some businesses may start in October or November, but many businesses are getting ready for Christmas before the calendar hits April. One of these companies is Global Reach Confections and More. This wholesale company prepares for the holiday season beginning in March. Ed Tams,


Fall is in the air

As the calendar turns from summer to fall, many people are focused on regular routines and getting back to the full time grind of work and school. But the fall months are the best months of the year for one reason. This is the best time of the year because all of the major sports


Men’s volleyball team selects new captain

A new season of Kodiak volleyball is set to kick off and with that comes new captains as well. One of those captains for the men’s team is second year player Matt Primrose. Being named a captain in just his second year shows the faith the coaches have in his abilities to be a solid leader

David Selles

My name is David Selles and I am in my second year of the Digital Communications and Media program at Lethbridge College. For my second year of studies I chose the Digital Journalism stream as I have always been interested in sports reporting. I like to think of myself as a sports guru. My main


Different kind of parade

A different kind of parade kicked off this past weekend as the Parade of Homes began around the city. Home builders from all over the city have been busy getting their homes ready for this event. There are nine different builders who have homes in the parade. Some of these builders have multiple homes throughout