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Preserving culture and repairing relationships is critical

Lethbridge College is making an effort to include and celebrate Blackfoot culture, even as the knowledge of it dwindles with every generation. Pam Blood, the Indigenous Service’s Academic Advisor, said preserving a culture brings in a lot of different facets. Some of these facets include language preservation, structures of family, the importance of traditional parenting

Thriving in the face of stress

Two stress busting events at Lethbridge are helping second semester students overcome the winter blues. Shepell services is celebrating community wellness with a self-care initiative named “Thrive”. Students are challenged to do relaxing or self-improving tasks to better their emotional health and well-being in the face of a stressful time of year. One such event

LGBTQ+ readies for an influx of money

Plans for the mental health grant are being set into motion as the LGBTQ+ club prepares to accept and inform community members and allies. Zachary Wigand, vice president of the LGBTQ+ club, said the money from the grant will provide safe spaces and information sessions within the college. “They’ll have a place to chill or

Text me Merry Christmas

The holidays are a tough time of the year for most people, but they can become even worse when you aren’t seeing your loved ones face-to-face. One Lethbridge College student may have to text his girlfriend “Merry Christmas” this year as they find themselves on opposite sides of the country. Sam Busta, a Criminal Justice

Of costumes and cosplays

Adorned in leather and chains, one Lethbridge resident emanates confidence while wearing her homemade Halloween costume. Mesha Little Shields is a fashion student at Lethbridge College and has spent the last two months detailing and perfecting her “demon” character. “I just like making clothing in general. I find it comes easy to me and it’s

Lethbridge women take back the night

A roar of passion sounded in downtown Lethbridge as men, women and children marched for the safety of their mothers, sisters and friends. Citizens of Lethbridge proudly clutched their handmade signs, braving the rain, to literally confront oppression and combat violence. The Young Women’s Crises Association held Take Back the Night on Oct. 20 as

City council candidate takes loss well

Bill Ginther [left] waits eagerly for the results of the election with his family and friends at his house on Oct. 16. Bill Ginther, the oldest candidate in Lethbridge’s city council election, was surrounded by friends and family as the polls closed. The room was buzzing with anticipation as everyone waited for the election results.