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Inside the life of artist Jacqueline Addison

Inside the life of artist Jacqueline Addison

Hidden deep within the fine arts building of the University of Lethbridge, an emerging artist plugs away at new projects to display around the city. Jacqueline Addison, 21, discovered her talent and love for creating art when she was in high school and was able to experiment with different materials, alongside a teacher who encouraged

taya and sam

Mikado sisters persevere

Losing a parent is a part of everyone’s life, but is something that isn’t anticipated to happen until the later years.  For some people the reality comes sooner such as Taya Mikado and her sister Sam who lost their mother and father before the age of 20. In 2012, the Mikado sisters lost their father


Marty Funkhauser and the electronic scene

Electronic music has been growing in popularity over the last decade creating events that bring out groups of people in the hundreds to the hundred thousands. Lethbridge has seen a desired increase in the computer generated genre of music with the uprising of local DJs booking venues for events and the creation of the Lethbridge


Kodiaks women volleyball fighting for top four

Volleyball season is half way to provincials and the Lethbridge College women Kodiaks team believes that this year they will take their team to the final tournament With six games under their belt, the women’s Kodiak’s are sitting with a 4-2 advantage in the league. The Kodiak team has 12 senior players and four new


A new name for Lethbridge College

The Lethbridge College was presented with a traditional Blackfoot name for its dedication to indigenous education. The name “Stone Pipe” or “Ohkotoki’aahkkoiyiiniimaan” was given to the college by Elder Peter Weasel Moccasin saying the stone pipes are used in scared ceremonies and keeps the Blackfoot people at peace. The Stone Pipe is created from the

Zachary Gibb watching the updated polls of the Lethbridge City Council election with his sister Brooklynn Knight and nephew Max.

Start of movement for unelected candidates

As the last of the ballots were cast in for the municipal election, three candidates learned they will not be serving on the new City Council. Candidates Zachary Gibb, Aileen Burke and Stephnie Watson came together to watch the polls roll in and share their unsuccessful fate together. Gibb is a new face to the campaign

Indiginous children prostesting at the Sisters in Spirit vigil in Galt Gardens on October 04, 2017

Remembering sisters in spirit

Indigenous children prostesting at the Sisters in Spirit Vigil in Galt Gardens on Oct. 4. A night to remember the missing indigenous women who were murdered and forgotten about took over the heart of Lethbridge Oct. 4 in hopes to bring change to the issue. Over the last decade, thousands of indigenous women have gone missing due

Mike Morrison speaking at the Digital X event at the Enmax Center on September 28, 2017

Digital exploration of the future

Mike Morrison speaks at the Digital X event at the ENMAX Centre on Sept. 28. Local business owners and entrepreneurs took part in learning from top professionals about the evolving world of media and marketing. Giving small businesses a chance to fight with the big dogs with social media and networking is something that keynote

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The hunt for the stars

The universe is full of an endless amount of amazing sights and astrology has taken my attention in the last few years. From watching the Big Dipper rotate around the sky, to straining my eyes seeking out a shooting star, I love to spend hours just lying under the stars and attempting to photograph what

(right to left) Erin Millar, Sam Hester and Eric Dyck sat down for a discussion on comic books at the Word on the Street festival in Lethbridge on September  23, 2017

More than just capes and tights

Erin Millar, Sam Hester and Eric Dyck sit down for a discussion on comic books at the Word on the Street festival in Lethbridge on Sept.  23. Comic books and graphic novels often develop a childish reputation due to stigmas claiming they are written about superheroes, created for the young male mind or ultimately, are just picture books.