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Synthetic drug proves dangerous

There’s a dangerous drug on the streets. It’s legal and easy to obtain. Known as K2, Spice, and incense aromas- synthetic marijuana can be purchased at most paraphernalia shops in Canada. The substance is made up of chemicals designed to mimic the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. According


Legal drug causes scary side effects

A drug that can be purchased legally can cause some negative side effects. Sarah Redekop has more. Synthetic Marijuana may be legal but it can cause some devastating side effects. The drug, which can be purchased at local paraphernalia stores, is made up of chemical compounds that replicate marijuana. It is difficult for officials to

Collision in parking lot Saturday morning at the Trades Mall on Apr. 2.

Mock Disaster fatal car collision

*Scenarios depicted in the following article and photos were part of a student training exercise at Lethbridge College. No one was actually injured or involved in the described accident Saturday morning* A car collision at the Trades Mall this morning has resulted in a death and several injuries to other victims. The accident occurred at

culvert 4

A culvert with a cause

A newly designed culvert behind the college has proved beneficial for environmental science students. The City of Lethbridge and Enviro Span installed a new crossing on a path in the coulees last year. Lethbridge College is gathering data on it’s reduced environmental impact. Sarah Redekop has more. Not only does the Enviro Span culvert protect


Student job opportunity

Students who cannot make it to Centre Core can visit their website to learn more. Students on the hunt for a summer job have an opportunity to apply today. Vector Marketing has a booth set up in Centre Core until 1 p.m. this afternoon. They provide students with a base pay and also award

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Cutting edge connections

Lethbridge organizations recently gathered under one roof to help out the less fortunate. Last Saturday the bi-annual Project Connect event took place at the Fritz Sick Centre. I had the chance to learn how this event helps take care of those in need. Over 50 organizations participate in Project Connect. The event takes place twice