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Lethbridge College LQBTQ+

Lethbridge College LQBTQ+

The Lethbridge College LQBTQ+ club is taking important steps toward campus inclusion. In partnership with Lethbridge Pride Fest, a series of open panel discussions and gatherings will be held on campus to make offered services more visible. Vice President of the college club, Zachary Wigand says that they are taking an important steps forward by

Donor Awards Gala 2018

Lethbridge College encourages its donors to take a bow for their continued support. The college hosted its annual appreciation event to honour those who contribute to student awards and innovation last night. Second year criminal justice student Scott Sigfusson says that events like these give students the opportunity to see a real face behind the

It’s not about how you play, it’s about if you’re a woman

The high-tempo music vibrates the hardwood and the targeted intensity is palpable throughout the gymnasium. Looking up at the stands to see the almost empty bleachers, the Kodiaks notice the deafening silence of another game played without a crowd. 

For many women’s sports, this is the far too frequent reality. Deanna Dotts, head coach of

Lethbridge College Kodiak weekly wrap-up

Saddling up against the Old’s Bronco’s proved to be too much for the Kodiak’s women’s basketball team this weekend. The Kodiaks had no answer for the Broncos strong offence and suffered back-to-back losses in the Val Matteotti gymnasium. After recieving 10 fouls in the 4th quarter, head coach Deanna Dotts says there may be more

New Year, New Me – For now

Triggered by the over-indulgent holiday season, January kicks off each year with countless individuals flocking toward well-intentioned fitness regimens with the promise of a fresh start. As an instructor in Lethbridge College’s Be Fit For Life Centre, Michael Bartz says an influx of new faces come at the start of the year, but many of

Lethbridge College takes further steps toward cultural equality

The Lethbridge College Board of Governors took an important step toward bridging a long-standing cultural divide, by appointing an representative from a previously marginalized group. Travis Plaited Hair was named the first indigenous BOG member in the past 10 years, according to College records. “It tells you how far we’ve come in this community, not

The lousy life of laundry

HATE. I know, I know it’s a very strong word, but it’s the only word I can think to describe the biggest source of contention in my life. That thing? Laundry. Seriously, it’s the absolute worst. It just sits there waiting for days in that stupid basket, spilling onto my floor, taunting me with it’s

Lethbridge College Kodiak player serves up history

One Kodiaks athlete has ensured his name will live among legends. Lethal left-side hitter Dax Whitehead has been officially named the most potent offensive volleyball player in Kodiaks history. Originally from Moose Jaw, SK, Whitehead joined the Kodiaks in 2013. Head coach Greg Gibos says that since joining the squad, Whitehead has been a driving