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That’s all folks

That’s all folks

The school year is almost done and for some of us it is time to move onto the next step. Finally getting into our chosen careers and getting paid for it! Yes, there is a lot of excitement about getting a paycheque after spending years without a steady income. Even though we aren’t clearly out


Blue Jays ready to take flight

How weird is it to see Edwin Encarnción in a Cleveland jersey? I turned on the game just as he hit his first home run of the season. The entire time all I could think was why is he not in a Blue Jays uni? The swing, the sound of the ball off the bat


What is respect?

Respect is defined as “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.” Being respectful is allowing someone else to speak and get their point across before you rudely shut them down, or cut them off. Why do we live in a world where things that are our

Endeavour Column Heads

What does music mean to me?

Music is defined as an art form and an activity whose medium is sound organized in time. Music is drived from the Greek word, mousike “art of the muses.” Music has evolved throughout history that every culture or nation on Earth has defined themselves by, it sets the stage for events such as sports, or


Communication is key

Communication. Communication in key. For anything in life. I grew up in the small town of Jaffray, British Columbia. A town where everyone knew everybody and everything that was happening. There was always the latest gossip, or people talking to each other about everything and anything that was going on. It was nice, I almost


Steady Freddy and the Maple Leafs

My goodness, who would have thought the Toronto Maple Leafs would be in a playoff spot at this point of the year? I’ve been a Leafs fan my entire life and I would have bet against them making it. The team finished in last place just one season ago, which got them the number one


Canada aiding the world

The Canadian government has announced the country will provide $119 million to countries in the midst of a food crisis. This includes $27 million to Nigeria, $21 million to Somalia, $37 million to South Sudan and $34 million to Yemen. These four countries have been identified as the most in need right now. Canada provided

Editorial Cartoon

Do we have shades of Trump developing in Canada?

With the number of crazy things that continue to happen across the border and the political unrest we’re constantly hearing about, Canadians couldn’t possibly elect someone like Donald Trump as the leader of our country, could we? A lot of people believe the newest candidate for the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada is Kevin O’Leary. According to, the cofounder of O’Leary

Nick Nielsen

  Coming from a small town in southwest Saskatchewan, Nick Nielsen has never had a problem speaking to anyone and everyone about anything. Nielsen gets a thrill from meeting new people and hearing their stories, which is what drove him towards a career in television news, preferably somewhere in sports. Always with a smile on


Panda Magic

Back in 1988 Calgary was home to two giant pandas on loan from China as part of bringing in more attractions for the Olympics. It was a great year for the city and people in the community were able to view the pandas for almost 8 months. 30 years later the people of Calgary will