Bios articles

Nick Nielsen

  Coming from a small town in southwest Saskatchewan, Nick Nielsen has never had a problem speaking to anyone and everyone about anything. Nielsen gets a thrill from meeting new people and hearing their stories, which is what drove him towards a career in television news, preferably somewhere in sports. Always with a smile on

Darashea Gregson

Darashea Gregson is in her final year of Digital Communications and Media at Lethbridge College. She’s passionate about writing for print and enjoys hard-hitting political topics, as well as those regarding art and pop culture. In a time where media is viewed as the enemy, Darashea strives to be the unbiased voice you can trust.

Todd Eagle Child

Todd is a second year Digital and Communications student studying Digital Journalism. He is an avid hiker of the river valley parks and enjoys spending time with family and friends. He will focus his documentary work on Indigenous and environmental issues needing attention.

Cole Parkinson

Cole Parkinson is in his final year of Digital Communications and Media at Lethbridge College. After graduation he hopes to pursue a job in sports broadcasting, hopefully covering one of the three main teams in Toronto. His hobbies include watching and playing hockey, baseball, basketball as well as playing guitar in a punk rock band.

Kayla Sarabun

Kayla has always had a passion and an interest in radio and journalism from a young age. Her future aspirations include working across North America, as well as overseas. She is currently in her second year of Digital Communications and Media at Lethbridge College, and completing her diploma in Digital Journalism. Kayla has always had a keen interest in writing and

Steve Seto

Steve Seto is in his second year of Digital Communications & Media program in the Digital Journalism stream. He has a large passion for sports and hopes to start a career in radio or television after graduation.