Bios articles

Brandon McGraw

How do you do, fellow kids? I’m Brandon McGraw or better known as Orangeman. I come to Lethbridge from my hometown of Medicine Hat, which is just one and a half hours down highway three. After spending many years at Lethbridge College, I’m officially on my second and final year in the Digital Communications and

Bethany Conrad

Bethany Conrad was born in Lethbridge, Alberta and moved to Cardston about 13 years ago. Bethany is in her second year of Digital Communications and Media at Lethbridge College, hoping to find a job in TV production after college. When she’s not at the college, you can either find her with her collection of over

Desirae Hewitt-Anderson

My name is Desirae Hewitt-Anderson. I grew up in a small town called Castor, Alberta. I’m the girl with the laugh you can hear from down the hallway, that’s how people usually recognize me. I’m in my second year of college taking Digital Communications and Media. My love for listening to music and singing only

Greg Bobinec

I am Greg Bobinec, 22, born and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta and a digital journalism student at the Lethbridge College. I am completely invested in photography, travel and any type of adventure that brings me to a new place. In the small amount of free time I have, I can be found bingeing music and watching twisted television

December Burgess

December Burgess, 19, is a Digital Journalism student at Lethbridge College. Burgess enjoys book recommendation blogs, lifestyle pieces, and photography. She is an avid ukulele player and adores writing, producing and performing her own music. The arts are a large part of Burgess’ life. Poetry slams, theatre productions and karaoke nights fill her with uninhibited

Dominique Charles

Born in Phoenix, AZ and raised in Lethbridge, Dominique Charles has spent her life participating in community events & experiencing Southern Alberta through many different points of view. Throughout her adolescence, she maintained lead roles in musical classics like The Sound of Music, Hairspray & Anne of Green Gables. A bright & inquisitive star from

Stephanie Savage

I am Stephanie Savage. I was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia. I’ve always had a wild imagination and a curious spirit. Those two things together helped me find my way to the Digital Communication and Media program. Now a second year student, I chose to specialize in Digital Journalism for the sole purpose of telling

Kent Zurek

The name my parents gave me is Kent. I am currently a digital communications and media student at Lethbridge College. When I’m not out on the streets interviewing people, I like to grab my glove and bat to play some softball. When it gets too cold for everyone else to play ball, I tend to

Houston Garinger

My name is Houston Kenneth Garinger and I’m twenty years old. I am super into sports and also reptiles. My favourite teams are the Detroit Red Wings for hockey, Pittsburgh Steelers and the Saskatchewan Roughriders for football and Washington Nationals for baseball. My first ever job was at A&W back in Vulcan, AB and I

Alex Groger

My name is Alex Groger, and I am a second year Digital Communications and Media student. I was born in Calgary, Alberta, and later moved to the small town of Castor, Alberta. I grew up playing many different sports, such as baseball, basketball, badminton, volleyball, soccer, and golf. My love for sports has lead me