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Communication is key

Communication. Communication in key. For anything in life. I grew up in the small town of Jaffray, British Columbia. A town where everyone knew everybody and everything that was happening. There was always the latest gossip, or people talking to each other about everything and anything that was going on. It was nice, I almost


Steady Freddy and the Maple Leafs

My goodness, who would have thought the Toronto Maple Leafs would be in a playoff spot at this point of the year? I’ve been a Leafs fan my entire life and I would have bet against them making it. The team finished in last place just one season ago, which got them the number one


Ending the mental health stigma

In this day and age, social movements can spark simply from the press of a button on a phone. We just finished up with Bell’s Let’s Talk day on Jan. 25, one of the biggest movements to come out of the last ten years. Not only has it raised almost 80 million dollars in the


In search of instant gratification

Entertainment. That is such a broad term. Webster’s dictionary defines entertainment something diverting or engaging. Well that could be anything. From the music you listen to the sports you watch. But what has changed in the last few years? Have we become more dependent on our mindless fun than we have about important issues? Think


What the Trump?

There will be hell toupee. Clearly there will be now… Trump has only been officially in office for 11 days and already has done some unthinkable things. From signing away the executive order on Obamacare which was the health care reform, to taking away funding for abortions and much more. With each and every executive


Being petty about sports jerseys

Who doesn’t love a good jersey? And when I say a good jersey, I don’t mean the fake jerseys you buy on eBay for $20. I take issue with people who choose to cheap out when getting a jersey. Sure they can be expensive, but save the money and put it towards one that doesn’t look


Struggling with staying healthy?

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle it can be tough to figure out which trend is the right one for you. Finding one that can be done every day is making sure you eat healthy and saying ‘no’ to some of the tempting deep fried foods. We all enjoy eating out every now

A bloody thrill

For the last seven months we have waited, asking ourselves how much longer we had to wait.  Reading the news feeds and social media just waiting to see the date for one of ABC’s highest rated show to return. So when the date was finally set for the season opener, we made sure we weren’t working that