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That’s all folks

The school year is almost done and for some of us it is time to move onto the next step. Finally getting into our chosen careers and getting paid for it! Yes, there is a lot of excitement about getting a paycheque after spending years without a steady income. Even though we aren’t clearly out


Blue Jays ready to take flight

How weird is it to see Edwin Encarnción in a Cleveland jersey? I turned on the game just as he hit his first home run of the season. The entire time all I could think was why is he not in a Blue Jays uni? The swing, the sound of the ball off the bat


What is respect?

Respect is defined as “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.” Being respectful is allowing someone else to speak and get their point across before you rudely shut them down, or cut them off. Why do we live in a world where things that are our


Winter’s seasoned drivers

Snow. It happens every year, around the same time in winter. We get a few inches here and there, and the occasional big dump of the white fluffy stuff. So why are we surprised by it since it’s something that happens every year? Growing up in a small town of rural B.C., snow has always

A year for the comeback kings

Why is Tom Brady so good? He has a hand that has a Super Bowl ring on every single finger now. That game this weekend might have been one of the greatest moments in Super Bowl history, especially since it was the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. The best offensive team in the league


Warming up to the idea of sports

What is it like to watch sports for the very first time? Well, I don’t know anything about sports so my first encounter  did not come until I was 24 and my boyfriend made me attend a sports game. My first sporting event was a Western Hockey League (WHL) Medicine Hat Tigers vs Lethbridge Hurricanes

Maple Leafs’ rookie ready for the All-Star game

The highly touted rookies Auston Matthews and Patrik Laine have been selected to their first NHL All-Star game. But is anyone actually surprised? The two have been dominant in their first full seasons as NHLer’s with both atop the leading scoring rookie race. Auston Matthews began his career with a huge four goal night that


Sport bars vs nerd culture

Sports are something that is a part of everyday society. But why? Do sports actually add to society? I mean, it is a chance for people who enjoy watching their favourite team to talk with each other and bond. But what about those of us who don’t like athletics? We can’t use the line, “did you see that game last

The man, the myth, the mullet

The NHL is getting younger every year and older players are getting phased out. Connor McDavid, Auston Matthews and Johnny Gaudreau are some of the most exciting players in the show and they are all under 25. Not many players have careers that survive after the age of 35, let alone still be able to