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Canada aiding the world

Canada aiding the world

The Canadian government has announced the country will provide $119 million to countries in the midst of a food crisis. This includes $27 million to Nigeria, $21 million to Somalia, $37 million to South Sudan and $34 million to Yemen. These four countries have been identified as the most in need right now. Canada provided

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Do we have shades of Trump developing in Canada?

With the number of crazy things that continue to happen across the border and the political unrest we’re constantly hearing about, Canadians couldn’t possibly elect someone like Donald Trump as the leader of our country, could we? A lot of people believe the newest candidate for the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada is Kevin O’Leary. According to thesquander.com, the cofounder of O’Leary


Panda Magic

Back in 1988 Calgary was home to two giant pandas on loan from China as part of bringing in more attractions for the Olympics. It was a great year for the city and people in the community were able to view the pandas for almost 8 months. 30 years later the people of Calgary will


Creating couch potatoes

There has always been a love/hate relationship with off-road vehicles. All-terrain vehicles, dirt bikes, side by sides, the list goes on. They’re unsafe, they’re bad for the environment, people don’t use them properly, etc. Recently, the NDP government here in Alberta announced it would close all trails that off-road vehicles use in the Castle Wilderness


Beyoncé: god or woman?

Beyoncé is overrated. There I said it. Is she talented? No doubt, but I don’t understand all the love, she’s just another pop star. I know people on the internet automatically hate me just because I said that, but it’s true. She’s just a singer, but she’s treated like she’s a god and it doesn’t

Comic done by Adin Dingwall

The un-Trump-able president

Comic by Adin Dingwall  It has been a couple of months since the election in the United States put Donald Trump in power, but less than two weeks since Trump has officially been the President of the United States, or POTUS for short. Over this short period, there has been a whirlwind of discussion in


Trudeau mourns Castro, Canada mourns Trudeau

Fidel Castro is dead and there’s been a myriad of reactions across the world. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has extended remarks about feeling “sorrow” over Castro’s death and how his father Pierre Trudeau was “proud to call him a friend” in his first appearance since his death. These comments have sent people into frenzies over


Uber amount of problems for taxi passengers

After a night out on the town or getting to the airport without paying for parking for a whole week, most of us rely on a taxi to get us there. They provide a great service to us in making sure we get home safe after a late night or getting us across town to

LCM on the US election

Collective opinions of LCM journalists on the recent American presidential election:       The Cole Hard Truth: US election or Trumpocalypse?       The Other Guy: Where do we go from here?           Nickin’ Around: The White House just got a lot whiter         The Chosen Bun: Do your


Lest we forget Christmas

We shouldn’t have to delay decorating for the fact that we should be paying our respect year round. Christmas decorations will be up soon if they aren’t already and people will still honour the veterans on Nov. 11, many of which include our very own relatives. We don’t get mad at those who put up