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National Housewife’s Day

Each year on Nov. 3, millions of people observe National Housewife’s Day. This day was created to make the day a special one for the stay-at-home mom. The very idea of this made me laugh. Not because I don’t appreciate the work that one does to support their family, because I do. I think raising


Marty Funkhauser and the electronic scene

Electronic music has been growing in popularity over the last decade creating events that bring out groups of people in the hundreds to the hundred thousands. Lethbridge has seen a desired increase in the computer generated genre of music with the uprising of local DJs booking venues for events and the creation of the Lethbridge


Hollywood’s casting couch crisis

Until we begin to hold people accountable for their sexual depravity and abuse of power, we must continue to hope the message of consent sinks in to their thick skulls. We must somehow reiterate the fact that when it comes to sexual activity the word “no,” silence or passivity never equals “yes” and obtaining consent

The monster within

“Just learn to smile, and in a while, you’ll find trouble’s a bubble of air.” Jiminy Cricket You may not know me, but oh, I know you. I know the monster you’ve placed inside of me. I know the feelings of inadequacy that has intertwined with every inch of my being. I know the permanent scars

Meesha Little Shields posing in centrecore at Lethbridge College wearing her costume on Halloween in 2017. Little Shields took part in a costume contest for the school of Media and Design.

Of costumes and cosplays

Adorned in leather and chains, one Lethbridge resident emanates confidence while wearing her homemade Halloween costume. Mesha Little Shields is a fashion student at Lethbridge College and has spent the last two months detailing and perfecting her “demon” character. “I just like making clothing in general. I find it comes easy to me and it’s


Keeping Shakespeare alive

The Lethbridge Shakespeare Performance Society meet in their Annual General Meeting to discuss their plans for the 2018 season. One local group is bringing Shakespeare back to life. The Lethbridge Shakespeare Performance Society is once again planning a great show for the 2018 season. President and show Producer Kate Connolly started the society six years