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What does music mean to me?

Music is defined as an art form and an activity whose medium is sound organized in time. Music is drived from the Greek word, mousike “art of the muses.” Music has evolved throughout history that every culture or nation on Earth has defined themselves by, it sets the stage for events such as sports, or


Shoes for thought

Kodiak players show a diverse range of footwear options worn at practice on Wednesday Nov. 23.   Athletes can be very particular with everything they wear, especially on their feet. Most players can be seen wearing some recognizable brands on the basketball court. Nike, Under Armour and Adidas are all popular shoes, but most players

The Kodiak new jerseys with the off colour libero.

Kodiaks clash

The Kodiak new jerseys with the off colour libero.  The Lethbridge College Kodiaks volleyball teams have been the recipients of new jerseys this year. Diverting from the colours that fans are used to seeing, a vibrant sky blue has been used in the new uniforms. The Kodiaks logo does have blue in it, making the

Kodiak Bear House

WANT THE CHANCE TO WIN A FREE PRIZE?! If you said, “Yes” you should join the Bear House! The Bear House is a group that gets exclusive chances to win fabulous prizes from CRLC The Kodiak just for signing up and on Dec. 9 you could win either: Coupons for a large pizza from Pizza


Like a phoenix, the Slice has returned

Mac Dahl has been in multiple bands in his 10 years of involvement with the Lethbridge music scene.   The Slice has reopened under new management after it closed its doors in August. The music venue was only closed for a few months before being reopened this fall. Jesse Smith, who had been visiting The