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Hollywood’s casting couch crisis

Hollywood’s casting couch crisis

Until we begin to hold people accountable for their sexual depravity and abuse of power, we must continue to hope the message of consent sinks in to their thick skulls. We must somehow reiterate the fact that when it comes to sexual activity the word “no,” silence or passivity never equals “yes” and obtaining consent


It’s time to talk, like really talk

We all know at least one girl who has declared that she “hates girls,” usually followed by a rolling of the eyes or an indignant sigh. We all have. And at one point or another we’ve all been that girl. For a brief moment, we all lost ourselves in the refreshing attention of guy friends,

Movie Ratings

Alberta under rating?

By Tyler Willment R-rated films may be taking witty raunchy one liners and explosive violence too far and people allowed to view these films may be to young. “Not enough films are rated “R” in Alberta” said Joshua Mudryk, general manager of The Movie Mill. An example is the United States of America film rating


International films come to Lethbridge

By Jason Doyle For over 30 years the Lethbridge International Film Festival has been showing top quality movies. The movies have a connection to Canada and Alberta as a whole. LIFF committee member Sheila Braund says that over 30 years in any city is a big deal “For years we have been showing films that

Oscar prediction Face-off

The Endeavour is doing what most media outlets are doing–predicting the Oscar winners on Sunday, Feb. 27. Our judges are staffers and film buffs, Jessica DeCoste, Jody Cmoc and Craig Orr.