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Marty Funkhauser and the electronic scene

Electronic music has been growing in popularity over the last decade creating events that bring out groups of people in the hundreds to the hundred thousands. Lethbridge has seen a desired increase in the computer generated genre of music with the uprising of local DJs booking venues for events and the creation of the Lethbridge

Backstreet Boys

I want you back

Today I’m going to take you backstreets back on a nostalgic trip to the ’90s era of boybands. You could say I left my heart in the ‘90s, securely fastened to the boy band train. It’s tearin’ up my heart to know that the glory days of music are behind us. So throw your hands up

J Blissette rocking out for the crowd at the Love and Records festival in Galt Gardens in Lethbridge on September 16, 2017.

Love, records and community

J Blissette rocking out for the crowd at the Love and Records festival in Galt Gardens in Lethbridge on Sept. 16, 2017. Lethbridge’s Love and Records festival took over Galt gardens on Saturday and transformed it into a music lover’s paradise. For the sixth year in a row the University of Lethbridge’s own radio station CKXU

Kaleo A/B album cover

Kaleo album review

My description of the album may come off as remorse or depressing, but really the album is uplifting and filled with so many different interpretations. That’s the great thing about rock is that you can have an upbeat rhythm which keeps the mood light and fun, but the lyrics are what pull you back. The

Endeavour Column Heads

What does music mean to me?

Music is defined as an art form and an activity whose medium is sound organized in time. Music is drived from the Greek word, mousike “art of the muses.” Music has evolved throughout history that every culture or nation on Earth has defined themselves by, it sets the stage for events such as sports, or


Like a phoenix, the Slice has returned

Mac Dahl has been in multiple bands in his 10 years of involvement with the Lethbridge music scene.   The Slice has reopened under new management after it closed its doors in August. The music venue was only closed for a few months before being reopened this fall. Jesse Smith, who had been visiting The

Lethbridge Music Scene

  The Lethbridge music scene lost a venue, but it wasn’t closed for long. The Slice closed its doors in August, but have since reopened under new management and it has Lethbridge musicians excited. Cole Parkinson has more.

A night with Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper rocked out in front of many fans at the ENMAX Centre on Oct. 13. For someone his age, he was able to add lots of energy to his music, making the crowd go wild with extensive pyrotechnics. The 68-year-old rocker performed hits School’s Out and Poison as part of his latest tour.