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Bill Ginther [left] waits eagerly for the results of the election with his family and friends at his house on Monday.

City council candidate takes loss well

Bill Ginther [left] waits eagerly for the results of the election with his family and friends at his house on Oct. 16. Bill Ginther, the oldest candidate in Lethbridge’s city council election, was surrounded by friends and family as the polls closed. The room was buzzing with anticipation as everyone waited for the election results.

Zachary Gibb watching the updated polls of the Lethbridge City Council election with his sister Brooklynn Knight and nephew Max.

Start of movement for unelected candidates

As the last of the ballots were cast in for the municipal election, three candidates learned they will not be serving on the new City Council. Candidates Zachary Gibb, Aileen Burke and Stephnie Watson came together to watch the polls roll in and share their unsuccessful fate together. Gibb is a new face to the campaign


Lethbridge College = gender neutral

Lethbridge College just got a little more diverse, as gender neutral washrooms have recently been put into place. Equality among all genders has been an ongoing issue for some time now, and this is the college’s first step at creating that equality. Member of the transgender community Avery Follett believes the college taking this step will

Chris Eldridge and Amanda Shaw enjoy a quick morning breakfast between classes.

Times have changed for adult learners in pursuit of higher education

The words “college student” might conjure up an image of an early 20-something hanging out at a house party. However, with an increase in adult learners, there’s never been a better time for non-traditional students to consider going back to school. Balancing school and other responsibilities is one of the common dilemmas adult students have

Indiginous children prostesting at the Sisters in Spirit vigil in Galt Gardens on October 04, 2017

Remembering sisters in spirit

Indigenous children prostesting at the Sisters in Spirit Vigil in Galt Gardens on Oct. 4. A night to remember the missing indigenous women who were murdered and forgotten about took over the heart of Lethbridge Oct. 4 in hopes to bring change to the issue. Over the last decade, thousands of indigenous women have gone missing due

Mike Morrison speaking at the Digital X event at the Enmax Center on September 28, 2017

Digital exploration of the future

Mike Morrison speaks at the Digital X event at the ENMAX Centre on Sept. 28. Local business owners and entrepreneurs took part in learning from top professionals about the evolving world of media and marketing. Giving small businesses a chance to fight with the big dogs with social media and networking is something that keynote