University of Lethbridge articles


Religious diversity in Lethbridge

According to Statistics Canada from 2006-2011 over 2000 religious immigrants moved to Lethbridge, of those over half were considered Christian. Alongside Christianity another 200 associated themselves with Hinduism, and just fewer then 200 considered themselves Muslims. With so much religious diversity within Lethbridge one has to wonder the impact that the variety has on the


Student fraud awareness

Students are the focus of the Competition Bureau’s 12th annual anti-fraud campaign, Halen Kooper reports. This week’s focus is on student fraud. Lethbridge Police Service Media Executive Officer Kristen Harding says they’ve been using social media to inform the student population. Lethbridge College student Damian Nagasaka says while awareness is important, stopping people from committing fraud

Volunteers Bob Bordreau, Ameet Kumar, Stephanie Wickham, Izzie Brock, Andrea Kobbert and Jeff Oudman outside of the University of Lethbridge for the 5 Days for the Homeless charity event.

Without a home

An annual charity event is raising money for the homeless. Sarah Redekop has the story. Five University of Lethbridge students are living outside for five days to raise money for the homeless. The annual Five Days for the Homeless fundraiser began on Sunday. The students live outside without communication devices, showers or their own food.