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Lethbridge College takes further steps toward cultural equality

Lethbridge College takes further steps toward cultural equality

The Lethbridge College Board of Governors took an important step toward bridging a long-standing cultural divide, by appointing an representative from a previously marginalized group. Travis Plaited Hair was named the first indigenous BOG member in the past 10 years, according to College records. “It tells you how far we’ve come in this community, not

Zachary Gibb watching the updated polls of the Lethbridge City Council election with his sister Brooklynn Knight and nephew Max.

Start of movement for unelected candidates

As the last of the ballots were cast in for the municipal election, three candidates learned they will not be serving on the new City Council. Candidates Zachary Gibb, Aileen Burke and Stephnie Watson came together to watch the polls roll in and share their unsuccessful fate together. Gibb is a new face to the campaign

Main crossing Whoop-Up Drive shortly after 3PM Wednesday afternoon.

Leth-Bridge the gap

A two-year old petition urging city officials to re-examine another bridge crossing is again gaining momentum. Lethbridge entrepreneur Karl Airey has created an online petition urging Mayor Chris Spearman and Alberta Minister of Infrastructure Brian Mason to take action on the long-debated third bridge crossing. Airey believes that the steady growth of our town demands

Zachery Gibb talking with his co-workers Taylor Sheu [right] and Annette Lagemaat [left] at the Real Canadian Super Store about issues they are facing.

New faces for City Council

Four years have passed and it is time for Lethbridge to decide who they want to represent their views and concerns inside the council chambers of City Hall. With only a little over a month until the election, people will have to deliberate between the decisions made by the current council and the new, different

Daughter of the Vote

A local young woman from the Blood Tribe recently travelled to Ottawa to sit in the House of Commons as an invited guest on behalf of an initiative called Daughters of the Vote. During the first week of March, Tiana Weasel Moccasin was chosen by an organization called Equal Voice which is focused on electing

Nicholas Rickards (Islamophobia not welcome sign) with other diversity supporters at a rally at City Hall on March 4.

Diversity rally

Nicholas Rickards (Islamophobia Not Welcome sign) with other diversity supporters at a rally at City Hall on March 4. Canada welcomes people from around the world from different faiths and backgrounds to make a new home here without fear of reprisal for being from a different religion. Across Canada the Canadian Coalition of Concerned Canadians

Changes on the way for Lethbridge College Students’ Association

Lethbridge College’s Student Association’s (LCSA) student elections will wrap up today. Elections for three positions are held each year, and there’s a lot of candidates for each. Starting with the run for LCSA President, the three candidates are General Studies student Zachary Wigand, Digital Communications and Media (DCM) Stephanie Savage, and Arthur Torres, an international