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A Group gathers at Galt Gardens Monday afternoon.

City of Lethbridge finds new funding for those in need

City of Lethbridge finds new funding for those in need

Homelessness is a longstanding issue in Lethbridge and beyond. Lethbridge College Student James Meyer knows first-hand what it’s like to be without a place to call home. Meyer grew up a child of the system after his parents, both drug addicts, abandoned their four children when they were all very young. The resilient optimist spent

Nicholas Rickards (Islamophobia not welcome sign) with other diversity supporters at a rally at City Hall on March 4.

Diversity rally

Nicholas Rickards (Islamophobia Not Welcome sign) with other diversity supporters at a rally at City Hall on March 4. Canada welcomes people from around the world from different faiths and backgrounds to make a new home here without fear of reprisal for being from a different religion. Across Canada the Canadian Coalition of Concerned Canadians


Rachael Harder, better, faster, stronger

Rachael Harder addresses the crowd in Coaldale on Nov. 25 right after the unveiling of the Canada 150 maple leaf for next year’s celebrations. It has been just over one year since the youngest Member of Parliament (MP) from the Lethbridge riding was elected. Rachael Harder, the 29-year-old of the Conservative Party won her first

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Alberta unemployment

Local employment agencies have seen an increase in traffic since Alberta rang in the New Year with an unemployment rate more than double this time last year. As Halen Kooper reports, the limited number of jobs not only affects home grown Albertans but those looking to make a living here as well.  

“I’ve been very intentional in making sure I have the skill sets, qualities and abilities to do the job well. I like to earn things based on merit.” - Rachael Harder, Lethbridge MP

Rachael Harder makes history

No matter how you feel about politics or the candidates who ran, history was made right here in Lethbridge the night of the 2015 Federal Election. Conservative candidate, Rachael Harder, won the riding of Lethbridge, with one catch. She’s a woman and the first ever to accomplish this feat. “I’m not always sure how people

Rachel Harder supporters closely follow the polls on election night at Paradise Canyon Golf Resort on Oct. 19.

Polling and politics

Canadians have spoken and their voices have been heard. Monday night marked the official results of the federal election. The votes poured in and the Liberals swept the nation with a majority government. Although this may have been shocking for some, many polls had already predicted similar results prior to the election. As the weekend

Mike Pyne, the Liberal Lethbridge candidate did not win his riding but there were still smiles all around.

He’s just not ready?

Last night Justin Trudeau alongside his Liberals in red overthrew the Conservative government that had been in power for the better part of 10 years. Trudeau did not just get elected as Prime Minister, the Liberals as a whole overpowered the polls. How could this have happened? Did Canada really want change that much? I