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360° tour of escape rooms in Lethbridge

Escape Rooms have been gaining popularity in Lethbridge. These rooms test your problem-solving skills and overall knowledge in order for your escape to be successful. Start your adventure here, by touring some of the different rooms available in Lethbridge.  


Lethbridge College Kodiak player serves up history

One Kodiaks athlete has ensured his name will live among legends. Lethal left-side hitter Dax Whitehead has been officially named the most potent offensive volleyball player in Kodiaks history. Originally from Moose Jaw, SK, Whitehead joined the Kodiaks in 2013. Head coach Greg Gibos says that since joining the squad, Whitehead has been a driving

Scene of madness and mayhem during mock disaster

Drugs, guns and fatalities plagued Lethbridge College during a pre-planned scene of controlled chaos. The mock disaster included drug overdoses, bullet wounds, hysterical witnesses and multiple casualties. The aftermath of a bloody and lethal party turned home invasion was the setting for the realistic trauma scene. Organized by Simulated Patient Health Environment for Research and


Grow the mo

Frank Zappone curls his stache that he has been growing for Movember. Moustaches have been growing on many men over the last month to raise awareness for men’s health. One place these lip whiskers can be seen is Lethbridge College as both students and staff have been letting loose on their facial hair. One staff member

Lethbridge women take back the night

A roar of passion sounded in downtown Lethbridge as men, women and children marched for the safety of their mothers, sisters and friends. Citizens of Lethbridge proudly clutched their handmade signs, braving the rain, to literally confront oppression and combat violence. The Young Women’s Crises Association held Take Back the Night on Oct. 20 as


A new name for Lethbridge College

The Lethbridge College was presented with a traditional Blackfoot name for its dedication to indigenous education. The name “Stone Pipe” or “Ohkotoki’aahkkoiyiiniimaan” was given to the college by Elder Peter Weasel Moccasin saying the stone pipes are used in scared ceremonies and keeps the Blackfoot people at peace. The Stone Pipe is created from the


Last place finish for Germsheid

Clint Germsheid scrolls through election results on Monday evening. One city council hopeful remained in his home on the night of the election, scrolling through the list of candidates as results came in. At the beginning of the night, Germsheid could be seen enjoying the evening with his wife and kids, having a nice dinner

Bill Ginther [left] waits eagerly for the results of the election with his family and friends at his house on Monday.

City council candidate takes loss well

Bill Ginther [left] waits eagerly for the results of the election with his family and friends at his house on Oct. 16. Bill Ginther, the oldest candidate in Lethbridge’s city council election, was surrounded by friends and family as the polls closed. The room was buzzing with anticipation as everyone waited for the election results.