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Lethbridge College takes further steps toward cultural equality

Lethbridge College takes further steps toward cultural equality

The Lethbridge College Board of Governors took an important step toward bridging a long-standing cultural divide, by appointing an representative from a previously marginalized group. Travis Plaited Hair was named the first indigenous BOG member in the past 10 years, according to College records. “It tells you how far we’ve come in this community, not

taya and sam

Mikado sisters persevere

Losing a parent is a part of everyone’s life, but is something that isn’t anticipated to happen until the later years.  For some people the reality comes sooner such as Taya Mikado and her sister Sam who lost their mother and father before the age of 20. In 2012, the Mikado sisters lost their father

Catherine Duffy and Sam Busta were dressed to the nines in their graduation attire.

Text me Merry Christmas

The holidays are a tough time of the year for most people, but they can become even worse when you aren’t seeing your loved ones face-to-face. One Lethbridge College student may have to text his girlfriend “Merry Christmas” this year as they find themselves on opposite sides of the country. Sam Busta, a Criminal Justice


National Housewife’s Day

Each year on Nov. 3, millions of people observe National Housewife’s Day. This day was created to make the day a special one for the stay-at-home mom. The very idea of this made me laugh. Not because I don’t appreciate the work that one does to support their family, because I do. I think raising

The battle between love and war

Most people only remember the soldiers and veterans who were involved in the war. But another aspect of remembering so often lost is remembering the parents of soldiers all around the world who had to watch their son or daughter go off on a mission not knowing if they would see them again. Elsie Eelhart was

Franchesa Dynamite (left), Sophie Wright (centre) and Shady Devile (right) pose for a photo after their performance at Club Didi.

Dragged into the spotlight

Eyelashes firmly in place, lips painted a bright shade of red, her heels click on the floor and her dress sways from side to side. This isn’t just a daily makeup routine, this is art. Lethbridge drag queen Aria Ivory (Carter Cannady) has been performing this particular form of art for just over a year,


Living with type one diabetes

Liam Scheurkogel checks his blood sugar before having dinner to make sure his levels are where they need to be. The new and difficult challenges that type one diabetes brings can seem daunting and overwhelming to some families. But for one family, they were able to take most of the changes type one diabetes can

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A Terrorific Place

Halloween is something that only comes once a year to most, but that’s not the case with Richard and Glory Reimer. The Reimers are the proud owners of the Creepy Hollow, which is located about 40 minutes outside of Lethbridge. They have been open in that location for only three short years, but things have gone rather