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Glorifying mental illness

When I was in grade nine, I had my very first anxiety attack. A coil of panic squeezed my chest so hard  I thought it would burst. Nausea churned within me. I felt hot and light, but also chilled and heavy. My head was floating in space, but traveled way too close to the blistering sun.

Amanda Bonertz drinking a cup of Lethbridge tap water. The mother of 3 is an advocate for water fluoridation.

Fluoride exposure may lead to lower IQ in children, new study says

Amanda Bonertz drinking a cup of Lethbridge tap water. The mother of three is an advocate for water fluoridation. Mothers drinking water and brushing their teeth may result in adverse side effects on their unborn children says a new study, conducted by the University of Toronto. It suggests that children exposed to high levels of fluoride

stressed student

Handling student stress

The beginning of the school year is usually filled with a lot of excitement, but it can also be a very stressful time for many of students. It can take a student a while to get back into the semester, so if you are feeling overwhelmed at the start, don’t be afraid to seek out

Constable Moore investigates an unknown substance.

Mock Disaster 2017: afternoon

Constable Moore investigates an unknown substance. A serious incident has happened on the Lethbridge College 30th Avenue residence hall. At approximately 1:45 this afternoon Emergency Responders and Lethbridge Police were dispatched to the location after a report of an assault. Upon arrival, it appeared to be a party happening at residence hall. EMT’s escorted a

Let’s talk about mental health

Let’s talk. It’s a phrase that used to be a way to start a simple conversation. Now, the conversation has been started, and it’s based around mental health. Bell Let’s Talk day was last week, and the movement continues to break records. Nick Nielsen found out a little more about the initiatives taken in Lethbridge.

The top three sports injuries.

Injuries plague kodiaks

The top three sports injuries. From learning to crawl and to walk, bumps and bruises often surround us. It often carries on throughout our lives from freak accidents just simple injuries and pains from something such as paper. Bumps and bruises and the walking wounded are often all parts of the athletic world. From dislocated

Save a life with just a drop

What greater gift is there than the gift of life? That’s exactly what every blood donation delivers and the blood drive is in full swing at Lethbridge College. The blood drive continues until the end of the month. Different activities have been happening to raise awareness on the importance of donating blood. One such event