Christmas came early – How businesses prepare months in advance

Christmas is a busy time of year for everyone and that includes businesses.

Some businesses may start in October or November, but many businesses are getting ready for Christmas before the calendar hits April.

One of these companies is Global Reach Confections and More. This wholesale company prepares for the holiday season beginning in March.

Ed Tams, co-owner of Global Reach, says a big reason for this is because a vast majority of their product comes from Europe. Tams added that if the suppliers in Europe would be facing more demand, the company would have to begin even earlier in the year.

Some businesses have received backlash over the years for how early they get ready for Christmas. But Tams says that by preparing for Christmas so early, businesses are simply being more responsible.

“As a business owner you are always a season ahead and that’s just proper planning.”

There are many different views and opinions on what Christmas really is and when a person should be able to begin celebrating it. Rohan Crown, Pastor of Amazing Grace Community Church in Lethbridge, says he personally enjoys seeing businesses preparing for Christmas early in the year because it signals the start of a celebration.

But Crown also says that while Christmas is a great time of celebration and has been a staple of the nation for years, the commercialization of it can harm what he believes to be the true meaning, the birth of Jesus Christ.

“I think sometimes it can go over the top. I think sometimes it gets away from the true meaning of Christmas.”

Christmas also isn’t a happy time for everyone and Crown says that people may lose sight of that in the rush to celebrate Christmas.

“As a society in general that focuses on what we have, for those people in our community who can’t afford to have a big Christmas, it can weigh heavily on their mind.”

He added that suicide and depression increases around Christmas because of the pressure some people are facing.

Crown added that there needs to be a balance between the importance of what Christmas is really about and having a time of celebration and gift giving.

However, it isn’t feasible for some businesses to wait until November to begin their Christmas preparation; some businesses just don’t have a choice for when preparation begins.

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