Different kind of parade

A different kind of parade kicked off this past weekend as the Parade of Homes began around the city.

Home builders from all over the city have been busy getting their homes ready for this event.

There are nine different builders who have homes in the parade. Some of these builders have multiple homes throughout the city as part of the event.

The Parade of Homes is a great chance for people of all ages and incomes to venture into the community and see what builders have to offer.


There are many different homes that the community can look at throughout the parade. Many of the homes are located in the new developments on the west side, but there are also some located on the North side of the city as well.

Val Lowen, VP of Sales, Marketing and Design for Van Arbor Homes, says that this event takes a lot of work to get ready for, but is worth it in the end because of the amount of people who become interested in a home after the event.

“We have definitely made sales during the parade,” Lowen said.

Lowen also said that the Parade of Homes allows the builders to showcase what the industry has to offer as a whole.

The parade gives people the opportunity to see some of the latest styles and fashions that the home builders are currently utilizing in their designs.

Lowen also says that the Parade of Homes is a good way to keep the home builders on their toes throughout the home building process.

“It puts a little bit of pressure on us to make sure that we are staying current and doing things that are new and different so that we don’t disappoint people who are coming,” Lowen said

She added that the feedback goes a long way into future homes.

While the building process of a home takes more than a couple months, the finishing touches are what the builders are focusing on leading up to the beginning of the parade.

Michael Van Dyk, production manager for Daytona Homes, says that the builders are focused on the small stuff closer to the opening of the parade.

“The vast majority of the work comes in the month or two before, where we’re trying to make sure everything’s all in place, all the furniture’s in, the decorations are done, the landscaping’s done and everything looks perfect,” Van Dyk said.

He also added the importance of having the homes for the right demographics available during the event.

“We want to make sure that we have homes in the parade that can show the families what it feels like to be a Daytona home owner.”

He added that at the end of the day, the purpose of the Parade of Homes is to get their homes available to the customers.

The Parade of Homes is an event that gives people the chance to see if the home is truly right form them.

Instead of just looking at a simple floor plan, the potential customers have the ability to walk through the different styles of homes to see which ones would actually work for their families.

The event will continue at various show homes around the city until Sept. 24.

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