Goodbye heat, hello hockey

Logo for Montreal Canadiens

Summer. The one thing that goes hand and hand with summer is the heat. I can say I’m not a fan.

When it’s anything over 20 degrees, I start to melt. I find it upsetting that the only thing you can do to cool down (without AC) is strip down to your birthday suit. It’s not like you can add layers like when it gets cold. Coming off a summer with almost record low precipitation, I can safely say that I can’t wait for winter already.

Winter is most likely my favourite season, not just due to the fact that it’s cold, but it’s also hockey season. I live, breathe and sleep hockey.

Bleu, blanc et rouge have been my passion for my entire lifetime. In my opinion, how can you not like them? They are truly Canada’s team. They are number one in Stanley Cup victories, they have been around the longest and they are literally named Canadiens! There are just so many legends that played for the franchise and completely dominated the game.

My favourite player now would be the man with the big stick, Carey Price. He is an inspiration to Canadians and future hockey players. He plays the sport with integrity, confidence and pride. Over the summers he helps his hometown by donating to the schools and hockey programs. There is a breakfast program he sponsors at his former elementary school that helps feed children who don’t get breakfasts at home. There is also a giant donation worth over $10,000 of equipment provided to the hockey program.

So I’m saying goodbye heat, and please move over for fall and winter to take over.


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