Grow the mo


Frank Zappone curls his stache that he has been growing for Movember.

Moustaches have been growing on many men over the last month to raise awareness for men’s health.

One place these lip whiskers can be seen is Lethbridge College as both students and staff have been letting loose on their facial hair.

One staff member who is participating is Frank Zappone who is the health and safety team lead at the college.

He says he participates because of how closely it hits home for him.

“I’m getting involved with it due to a past history of cancer in my family. My dad died from prostate cancer and it’s important to me because I would like to see more research done and possibly a cure for this.”

Zappone added that this year he set his fundraising goal at $500, but hopes to surpass that.

But it isn’t only staff that are growing moustaches and participating in Movember.

Many students have been seen growing moustaches as well.

The Lethbridge College Students’ Association has put on many different events throughout the month to help raise money and awareness for men’s health.

Tanner Marcer, events coordinator for the LCSA, says that they are partnering with students to raise money.

“We’re doing muscles for Movember. We will have a weight bench inside centre core and we will match a percentage of the weight lifted in cash donations to Movember.”

Marcer added that by doing this, they can reach a larger audience and raise more awareness.

Both Zappone and Marcer believe that Movember is a great way to raise awareness because it is easy to see who participates.

Zappone says that growing moustaches is a great way to bring the conversation to a forefront.

“I think the theme behind it is a great way to advertise it for the cause. You can see the people who participate just by looking at all the people with moustaches or the funny hair growth on their face,” says Zappone.

Marcer also believes that awareness increases because of the moustaches.

“It’s a great awareness piece because you can see it around on people’s faces and it’s a great conversation starter.”

Men will continue to grow their moustaches until the end of the month and then shave them off until next November.

For more details on some of the fundraisers the LCSA are doing, you can check out their Facebook page.

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