I want a little human – Let’s Talk About It

Just a bit of housekeeping before I get into today’s topic:

Dear parental figures,

If you are reading this, I need you to stop reading and exit out of this tab.

You will not like this blog post.

Please turn off your computer.


Now that I’ve dealt with that, let’s dive right in.

It’s a common theme among the females in my program to not want children.

That makes sense! We are all work-driven, independent individuals with a penchant for cussing and little to no money. Financially, it wouldn’t make sense. Mentally, it wouldn’t make sense. Professionally, it wouldn’t make sense.

Having a child right now, at the beginning of such a brilliantly new chapter in our lives would be crazy! Absolutely bonkers!

Having children at all is a bit insane. It’s a big change that you can never undo.

Your life gets flipped on its side like some never-ending carnival ride, and it’s only when you start to get used to it that half the passengers get off and the ride flips to the other side.

And you’re responsible for an entirely different being. You have to feed and clothe and bathe it. Tuck it in when it has nightmares. Comfort it when it feels sick. Calm it when it screams louder than you thought was physically possible.

So I completely support their decision to never have children because, oh my god, who would want to deal with that?

Well in a meek, unsure voice, I’d have to say “I do.”

You saw it here first, folks.

I want a little human. I want a tiny child. I want a baby.

I am not idiotic enough to want one right this second. I still have years of learning and growing to do before I’m mature enough to have a child of my own. Besides, I am barely surviving as is. My bedroom is a disaster. I can’t cook. And I am so busy with school that I barely have time to sleep, let alone raise another life.

But I want one (eventually) because my heart swells at the thought of holding an infant with hands the size of my index finger. I get excited at the thought of cuddling with my ten-year-old while watching his or her favourite movie for the 99th time. I like the idea of arguing with my teenager about curfew and I’d be elated to drive them up to college.

I want a family. The whole package. The big, lovely house with the white picket fence and 2.5 kids. And a cat. I want a cat.

Not now, but soon.

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