In search of instant gratification



That is such a broad term. Webster’s dictionary defines entertainment something diverting or engaging.

Well that could be anything. From the music you listen to the sports you watch.

But what has changed in the last few years?

Have we become more dependent on our mindless fun than we have about important issues?

Think about the amount of times you check Facebook each day. How does that number compare with the amount you think about the homework you need to get done?

There has become a large jump in the amount of children diagnosed with adhd.

Are we just conditioning our kids to have instant gratification?

Everything we want is at our fingertips. It takes only seconds for things to appear on google when you search for them.


Even us as adult need that instant gratification. Yelling at our computers when they are slow or getting mad when the drive through line is too long.

We have come to expect that we must be given things simply because we want them right now.

The Boston globe says, “We’ve come to expect things so quickly that researchers found people can’t wait more than a few seconds for a video to load.”

You might think what is so bad about getting things when you want them?

When you have self-control you are able to make important decisions faster. This is because when you take the time to weigh the options you can see more clearly without doing something you would regret.

People who exhibit self-control are less likely to put themselves in a situation that would make them choose between desires. If there are less options you can keep a level head easier.

So what do you want to do?

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