Kodiak Bear House


If you said, “Yes” you should join the Bear House! The Bear House is a group that gets exclusive chances to win fabulous prizes from CRLC The Kodiak just for signing up and on Dec. 9 you could win either:

Coupons for a large pizza from Pizza Hut
$20 gift card to Park Place Mall 

Sign up here (If you signed up before, this is a new contest so please sign up again!)

Rules to… BEAR… in mind:
1. Signing up does not mean you automatically win
2. If you do win, please respond to our messages. You only have two days to claim your prize before we choose another winner!
3. Tune in to the Kodiak! It’s a great place to listen to all sorts of music, especially local band Hockey Moms – now on CRLC The Kodiak.
4. Have fun!

P.S. give Hockey Moms a listen on iTunes.

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