Kodiaks clawin’ to victory

Cory Photo

From Bunbury, Australia, to Lethbridge, Cory Richardson has been making a difference for basketball fans all over the globe.

The Lethbridge College Kodiaks currently sport a winning 3-1 record, and that’s largely in part to the contributions Richardson has made on the court this year.

Effort levels are a huge part of their success so far says Richardson.

“We always compete and play with a never give up sort of attitude, we have done a good job of competing to the very end no matter the score.”

Life going from Australia to Lethbridge wasn’t an easy adjustment says Richardson.

“My first year in Canada was a struggle, adjusting to the climate change was the hardest thing. It was a rude awaking to me, and the gameplay was also different.”

Richardson says that in Australia when you hit a certain age you have to play against grown men that get real physical, but it helps your body develop along the way.


Richardson started his career playing at Keyano college, and it was him playing against Lethbridge that made him want to be on the team says Richardson.

“The way they played under coach Heggie was great, they played hard and never gave up so I emailed Heggie about playing for him and now im here loving every minute of it.”

Kodiaks player Cole Crick says that having Richardson as a teammate is great.

“He’s a great teammate, were still getting our chemistry in the pick and roll to where it needs to be but he’s a great knockdown shooter that can create for others and handle pressure.”

Crick says that the two of them being comfortable with one another has gone a long way to helping them out along the way.

“We know what it takes to be successful and we can say anything to each other which helps with communication on the court, especially when things get sticky out there.”

Although Richardson has been playing basketball for many years now, it came down to a hard decision says Richardson.

“I used to play Australian rules football and basketball, then when I was younger my dad sat me down and said I had to pursue one.”

Richardson says he made the right decision sticking with basketball.

“At the time, all my friends were playing basketball so that’s what I went with and I haven’t looked back since, basketball has brought me great personal success in my life.”

Richardson has represented Australia at the under 17 world junior championships in Germany, and hopes to play much more basketball down the line.

His goal for this season is to bring a national championship to the city of Lethbridge

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