Last place finish for Germsheid


Clint Germsheid scrolls through election results on Monday evening.

One city council hopeful remained in his home on the night of the election, scrolling through the list of candidates as results came in.

At the beginning of the night, Germsheid could be seen enjoying the evening with his wife and kids, having a nice dinner he had prepared for them before the results would start rolling in.

Germsheid said he felt confident going into the results as he felt there were some incumbents that wouldn’t be returning, freeing up spots for candidates like himself to enter into council.

He says there was one big area in his platform, which was the main reason he ran, but that there were also other areas he had interests in.

“I felt a need for some action in the city. So I started speaking out quite a bit about the homeless and that was a big centre for me. But I also thought that downtown development is an area the city could improve.”


Germsheid didn’t spend much on his campaign, putting only $600 into his entire operation, which he says caused some regret and had an effect on his overall campaign.

“There were ups and downs. I know that I answered some of the forums well. But there were other answers I didn’t like as much. I also wish I would’ve printed out some business cards to help get my name out there more.”

Germsheid’s eagerness wouldn’t last long as once the results rolled in, he quickly came to the realization that he would not be one of the eight city council members representing Lethbridge over the next four years.

The scrolling got slower and slower as he saw his chances slipping away, almost from the get go.

Germsheid ended up finishing dead last in the race for a seat on council, finishing with just 937 votes or 0.73 per cent of all votes. These results still show that some voters liked what Germsheid had to offer.

One of those voters is Jacquie Van Dyk. She says she voted for him because she believed he would represent her values the best and says she found it easy to vote for him.

“I found it difficult to find detailed information about some of the candidates. So it was an easy choice to vote for him when I was able to read about what he values.”

Germsheid says that the results weren’t what he was hoping for and knows that if he is to run in four years’ time, he will need to put in more effort.

“It sucks. But that’s fine. If I decide to run again it just means I got a lot of work to do.”

Despite the results and disappointment he felt throughout the evening, Germsheid says that he still plans on helping council with the issues he believes are facing the city.

“I think I’d still plan on helping with those issues; coming into the election the issues were a lot vaguer. Going through the election with the questions, it’s given me more focus and a lot more understanding of the issues at hand so I feel I can be helpful with these issues.”

Germsheid also says that he would’ve liked to see more changeover from the last council.

“I think we could’ve done with more new blood. But at least we got two new council members and we’ll see how they do.”

There was also a little humour in his final thoughts of the night.

“Well, at least you can brag that you got to interview the guy who finished in last place.”

The newest members of council will wait until Oct. 30, when they will officially be sworn in and begin their duties for this term.

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