LCSA keeps the students at Bay


Finals are coming up at a blazing pace for Lethbridge College students, and one thing that helps make life a little easier on them is the work of the Lethbridge College Students Association.

Throughout the semester, the LCSA has been hosting numerous fun events to give its students something to look forward too.

LCSA head Arthur Torres says it’s not always easy to get the word out about the great work the committee does.

“Promoting our events is always a great challenge, one thing that helps get us recognition is our weekly newsletter.”

Keeping the mental health of the students is one of the main goals of the LCSA says Torres.

“Most events we do are focused on student stress levels, we do a wellness Wednesday, thirsty Thursday, and sexy bingo along with many others.”

One thing the LCSA has put on throughout the year as been the Muscles for Movember campaign that has been ongoing at the college this whole month.

The campaign was put on for the purpose of raising money and awareness for men with prostate cancer, testicular cancer, or mental health issues.

LCSA member Tanner Mercer says the month has been a success so far to date.

“Yeah it’s been great so far, one of the main things we have done has been the Muscles for Movember, where we have raised a lot of money by donating a dollar to every thousand pounds lifted.”

Mercer also says that being able to get the word out is a great way to spread awareness.

“Here at the college we are able to spread the word about these issues that people aren’t always aware of, it’s great to send the message to the students about what can potentially occur.”

The first half of the month of November there were also massages being given out to help raise money.

A main success has been the Escape rooms that have taken place in the Cave starting also at the beginning of this month.

To go along with all of these events, the LCSA has also helped set up students for intramural sports.

There has been intramural floor hockey, ice hockey, and volleyball along with others.

If students have one thing to be grateful for heading into the new school semester it’s the knowledge they have knowing the LCSA will be along with them every step of the way.

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