Lethbridge Fashion Weekend shines with success

Farren Sawers walks down the runway in JASON’T clothing during Lethbridge Fashion Weekend

Farren Sawers walks down the runway in JASON’T clothing during Lethbridge Fashion Weekend

Models hit the runway to display some of the latest pieces from local designers for Lethbridge Fashion Weekend.

The show featured five lines of clothing from six designers in the annual fall fashion show last weekend.
This year’s show took a big step in the development for the fashion scene in Lethbridge with a higher interest from the community.

It was the first year the event was held at the ENMAX Centre.


“It just goes to show that we have more and more people interested and more and more people willing to do the work to get that fashion industry in Lethbridge,” said Shelly Kanyo who was one of the designers featured in the show and is also the event director.

Kanyo showed excitement as this brought in around 300 people to take in the unique designs that were developed here in the city.

Another designer says that clothes are a way for people to express their personality. It didn’t go unnoticed as some of the designers saw what people were wearing.

“I find it so fascinating that everyone can put their own spin on their own outfit and really express their individuality and that inspires me to want to express mine,” said Donell Kollias who was able to watch some of the show after getting models ready in her designs.

“Lethbridge is rad because everyone has an appreciation for vintage and reworking some of the garments. We saw a lot with the people in the crowd today,” added Kanyo who hopes fashion continues to grow in Lethbridge.

Both designers graduated from Lethbridge College’s Fashion Design program and credit their education in preparing them for where they are now.

Most of the work and designs are inspired from their lifestyles and spending time in the community.

“There’s so much inspiration around us daily. I think you just have to soak it all in and I find inspiration all the time like music, movies, travelling, going to the park even in Lethbridge. It’s just everywhere so that kind of keeps me interested,” said Kollias.

Next year will be Lethbridge Fashion Weekend’s tenth anniversary. Organizers hope to bring out more people and collaborate not only with fashion designers, but DJs, photographers and other artists to really show off their work.

More information about upcoming events can be found on their Facebook page.

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