Like a phoenix, the Slice has returned


Mac Dahl has been in multiple bands in his 10 years of involvement with the Lethbridge music scene.


The Slice has reopened under new management after it closed its doors in August.

The music venue was only closed for a few months before being reopened this fall.

Jesse Smith, who had been visiting The Slice for around 10 years, stepped up and bought the building from the previous owners.

“It’s always been my favourite bar and I’ve always loved coming here. It’s always a great crowd and it was too big of a loss to let it go,” he said.
Like many people in Lethbridge, Smith was shocked at the sudden closure of the popular music bar.”

Smith launched a GoFundMe page to help with small renovations for the building as he had already put the money forth to buy the building.

Smith says he was shocked that word got out as it was mainly for his friends and family to help out, but eventually the community raised over $2,000.

With The Slice being a well-known bar, bands and patrons already know what to expect from the venue.

The Slice’s plan is to have two live music nights on the weekend.

One night is a touring band and one is a local band.

Right now, Smith is focused on the day -to-day, but hopes one day to expand.

“There’s plans to grow, but right now it’s just a start,” said Smith. “One day I could see multiple locations and make live music accessible for everyone.”

Local musicians are also excited by the return.

Andrew Gauthier, a local drummer, is excited that there is now another venue for bands to be able to perform live music.

“There is also a whole bunch of places you can play at. Including The Slice opening back up. That’s going to be nice for new artists trying to get their name out there,” Gauthier said.

With The Slice back, it gives fans a better opportunity to see live music, it also gives owners more chances to put bands on stages.

Mac Dahl has been in multiple bands around Lethbridge and has been involved in the scene for around 10 years.

Dahl says he likes the creativity involved in Lethbridge music and hopes that having more venues can help build a bigger and stronger community.

“Grow…keep growing and expanding. Keep people coming in showing their awesome creative things, just keep expanding,” Dahl said.

Local musicians are just happy to have another stage to play on and The Slice is doing its part in offering them a chance.

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