Men’s volleyball team selects new captain


A new season of Kodiak volleyball is set to kick off and with that comes new captains as well. One of those captains for the men’s team is second year player Matt Primrose.

Being named a captain in just his second year shows the faith the coaches have in his abilities to be a solid leader on and off the court for the Kodiaks this season.

Primrose knows that captaining a team is a great honour and hopes to help the team whatever ways he can.

“It’s just a huge privilege. I want to do the best for my boys and try to help them win and help them succeed.”


Primrose adds the responsibility is something he won’t take lightly as captaining any team is a big responsibility. Becoming captain this season is a huge step up for Primrose as he only saw limited floor time as a role player last year.Infographic 1

This season, Primrose is expected to be a mainstay in the back line and will look to lead his team both on and off the court.

Primrose says this achievement is one of his biggest not only in sports, but in life in general.

But this honour came to him as a bit of a surprise as well. Primrose said while he will take this opportunity and run with it, he wasn’t really expecting this would cross his path.

“I basically walked onto this school last year and now to be named captain of the program is a complete 180.”

But according to his coach, Greg Gibos, Primrose’s abilities as a leader made him a lock to be a captain.

“It’s really easy for us to have him lead by example because he’s definitely the person that’s out there giving it 110 per cent every day.”

Gibos added that he’s one of the most selfless players on the team which adds to his leadership abilities.

Primrose also has a mantra that Gibos says provides more evidence of his dedication to the team

“One of his quotes is ‘Saturday’s for the boys’ because he knows how much it’s important to be a good teammate.”

Gibos adds Primrose is just as happy cheering the guys on as he is when he’s out on the floor. But Gibos says that Primrose’s leadership abilities can be seen far off of the campus as well.

“He’s really involved in our community. He’s done a really good job of motivating youth and other people in the community to become volleyball players.

Gibos adds that this is what most people don’t see but what should be most appreciated about Primrose.

Primrose also has the difficult task of learning a new position and Gibos is hoping he can add to his game this season and help the team even more.

“We’re just looking for him to make one or two more digs a night. If he can do that, we’ll be in a really good spot at the end of the year.

Gibos added he hopes Primrose can keep his calm and be able to pick up his teammates throughout the season to help the team have a successful campaign.

The Kodiaks kick off their regular season at home against the Medicine Hat Rattlers Oct. 13.

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