New year, new team, new opportunities

Kristine Ward of the Lethbridge College Kodiaks goes in for the kill against the Briercrest Clippers on Saturday, Oct 15 in their home opener.

Kristine Ward of the Lethbridge College Kodiaks goes in for the kill against the Briercrest Clippers on Saturday, Oct. 15 in the home opener.

Having your home opener against last year’s Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference Championship winners would be tough.

That’s what the Lethbridge College Kodiaks women’s volleyball team did.Both the men’s and women’s Kodiak volleyball teams fought against the Briercrest Clippers on both Oct. 14 and 15.


Kodiak women had a bit of a less than successful weekend, losing three sets to zero, in both Fridays and Saturdays game.

Laura Serafini has been playing with the Kodiaks for the past three years.

Even though they didn’t win in their home opener, she has high hopes for the upcoming season with the team they have.

“We have good team bonding, and age going our way this year, so that’s nice,” said Serafini.

Although, the women have eight new players to the team this year, they also have some veterans coming on three years.

Even some of the newcomers to the team have played before on other teams.

The men had a little bit more success, winning their game on Saturday in four sets, but losing Friday in five sets.

Brett Synnott has played for the Kodiaks over the past three years and sees this team coming together and doing something really special this year.

The men’s team had nine rookies sign this year, and Synnott is excited to see how they develop.

Home opening weekend split them against Briercrest, with one win each.

“Splitting against any team is tough however the offense Briercrest ran was incredibly paced and the win is always positive for any team,” said Synnott.

The Kodiaks women’s have had a few tough years, but some fans believe that this could be their year.

Alexandra Hayes has been watching the Kodiaks over the past couple years and sees the strength in both teams.

“Both the women’s and men’s teams played hard fought games for their home openers. They came out and showed that they were ready for the upcoming season, and the crowd was right there with them,” said Hayes.

Men’s and women’s teams play on home court on Oct. 21 and 22 against the Red Deer Kings and Queens.


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