Nothing but sunshine

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cooperSunshine Mountain Village has opened up for the year, and that means more than just an occasional ski for Cooper Brown.

Brown has been an avid skier throughout his life, starting at the young age of only two-years-old.

Brown says that the mountain is already shaping up nicely, with lots of snow covering the mountain.

“I got to go up to Sunshine during opening weekend, and the snow was pretty good for it being so early in the year.”

Brown has been to many different mountain resorts over the course of his life, including Sunshine, Lake Louise, Panorama, Whitefish, and Kimberly along with others. Revelstoke, however, is his favorite mountain says Brown.

“Revelstoke has always been a favorite mountain of mine. The snow is always great there and they have a lot of different terrain to shred on.”

Having skied for 17 years, Brown has learned to do some different tricks along the way.

He can do many types of grabs, a 360, 540, 720, and can also pull off an occasional front flip. However, Brown says he would call himself more of an all mountain skier.

“I like to be more of a free skier because it allows me to have freedom on the mountain, and it doesn’t have the constraints or repetitiveness of racing.”

Brown says the independence of skiing is one of the things he loves most about it.

“I like being able to express creativity in the way I ski. The freedom to do what I want and not having to rely on other people like in team sports is what I love.”

Out of all the skiing endeavours Brown has taken part in, he says Heli skiing was easily the best experience he’s had so far.

“Heli skiing was great. It was amazing being up in the helicopter and I was able to share the experience with my family.”

Brown’s close friend Carter Cooke says that skiing with Cooper over the years has been fantastic.

“I’ve skied with Cooper quite a lot in my life, and we’ve managed to have a lot of pretty good times.”

Cooke also says that it is very evident that Brown has been skiing since he was such a young child.

“Yeah, you can definitely tell that he has been skiing for as long as he has, he’s a great skier and that doesn’t just happen without tons of practice.”

Although Brown says he has no major trips planned out this year, the mountain resorts should be ready for Brown to make his claim on their mountain.

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