Panda Magic


Back in 1988 Calgary was home to two giant pandas on loan from China as part of bringing in more attractions for the Olympics. It was a great year for the city and people in the community were able to view the pandas for almost 8 months.

30 years later the people of Calgary will once again feel the love and excitement of having pandas back at their zoo. This time the number of loveable bears will double as the whole family will be coming from the Toronto Zoo, including the first two cubs born in Canada.

Now that we have all of the details out of the way, we can talk about what I think is the most important part about the reunion of pandas with Calgary. It was the theme song for the two giant pandas that came in ’88.

It was called ‘Panda Magic’ and used as a marketing piece to bring in people to come to the exhibit. If you have never heard this song, you must. I’m not exactly sure why it didn’t win a Grammy back in the ’80s, but it should have.

Now, I’m not comparing it to being exactly the same standard as Adele or Beyoncé, but out of all the categories that the recording academy has, I’m sure this could have fit into one. It’s catchy, fun, and sure as hell cheesy. This three-minute masterpiece was such a treat to listen that I sure hope that they bring it back next year on the arrival of such majestic creatures.

For those who grew up in the ’80s it brings back some nostalgic feelings to when the pandas graced Calgary. And for everyone else who wasn’t around to hear it, go onto YouTube and listen to it today. You can thank me later.

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Steve Seto is in his second year of Digital Communications & Media program in the Digital Journalism stream. He has a large passion for sports and hopes to start a career in radio or television after graduation.