Pronghorns stride To vengeance

The Lethbridge University’s women’s hockey season is now underway as the team is two weeks into its season.

With the start of a fresh season comes excitement, and there is no shortage of things to be excited about says Head coach Michelle Janus.

“I’m very excited for the kids to go out there and have a good experience, it’s so important in my third year here coaching that we truly do change culture.”

The squad started their season off with a pair of defeats two short weeks ago against rivaling schools Red Deer College and The University of Calgary.

This past weekend however, the Pronghorns were able to turn their fortunes around and take home two victories against the teams they had previously lost too.

They started their weekend off with a 3-1 win over Red Deer, then capped off the weekend with a strong 2-0 showing over The University of Calgary.

“The team did look good, they had a couple of strong second periods which was an issue for us last year so their focus has changed.”

Janus also stated that the team has an impressive influx of new talent this season.

The team has new players that have come from B.C, along with from hockey academies over the province.

Kyla Gregg is an early season player who has gotten off to a flying start as she has captured a player of the game award already according to Janus.

Gregg however, says there are always things that can be improved upon.

“Technical things such as angling, shooting and passing are always things that need work,” said Gregg.

The atmosphere to start the season has been great according to Janus, saying that the crowds have really been into the games.

The home games have had good showings, and there has been no shortage of cheering from the stands and their fans.

Pronghorns fan Kelton Pettigrew was able to take in some of the fun during their weekends games.

“Yeah it was pretty good to be back watching hockey, you can definitely expect to see me in the stands as the year goes on,” said Pettigrew.

This season’s captain of the team is second year player Mattie Apperson, who comes from a family with multiple captains.

The team travels to Calgary next to take on Concordia University on Sunday, Oct. 1.


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