Rubber ducks promote local digital event

By Jay Holy Singer

In the bathroom stall or the cafeteria, these small rubber ducks are one tactic to promote an event.

University of Lethbridge’s (U of L) art event ‘Best Bytes’ provided by Southern Alberta digital content creators display their works using a huge variety of computer programs. Submissions made by both the community and students from U of L New Media 3700 program, Best Bytes will showcase the popular and creative pieces throughout the whole week. 

Open for the public viewing, this free event hopes to encourage artists to sell their artworks.

“We’re really excited to promote this event and hope everyone can make it down to this free event”, said Aleah Kosciuk, the promoter for Best Bytes.

The digital art event is operated by students and will have the opening gala at the Dr. Foster Penny Building.

With over 40 submissions from students and the community, Best Bytes hope to receive a large turnout by applying a useful promotion.

Kosciuk and her team put the idea together after one the marketing employees volunteered to use a large quantity of rubber ducks he had lying around his house.

“We knew the idea was smart and cute. Realizing we had over 500 hundred-rubber ducks, we to put a logo in the front of the duck then began the promotion of Duck Days”, said Kosciuk.

The ducks can be found throughout the city and the U of L. Finding the duck will guarantee a ticket draw for $40 at the opening Gala this Friday.

For further details, call 403-894-1271


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