Text me Merry Christmas

Catherine Duffy and Sam Busta were dressed to the nines in their graduation attire.

The holidays are a tough time of the year for most people, but they can become even worse when you aren’t seeing your loved ones face-to-face.

One Lethbridge College student may have to text his girlfriend “Merry Christmas” this year as they find themselves on opposite sides of the country.

Sam Busta, a Criminal Justice student at Lethbridge College is in a long distance relationship with his long-time friend and girlfriend.

Busta and his sweetheart, Catherine Duffy began their relationship August 2016, and went long distance when they enrolled in different post-secondary institutions. Busta went to Lethbridge College, and Duffy went to Lavel University in Quebec City.


Despite the distance, Busta and Duffy communicate regularly with one another.

“I like sending postcards to Samuel; being in a place with so many tourist attractions helps me do this,” Duffy said.

She also noted that her and Sam both enjoy sending written letters to one another, and they use the technology afforded to them to close the emotional and intellectual gap even when it’s impossible to close the physical one.

“I miss cuddling him while watching movies. I miss going out on dates,” she said.

Duffy said she found video chatting helped with any negative emotions she felt about their long distance relationship.

“Talking to him on Facetime really helps because it feels like he is here with me, like a real date, almost.”

Busta agreed, and stated that dates were something that he misses the most.

“The days that we would go for a walk down in Wakamow [a park], swim at the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa, then order the Starting Line-Up from Boston Pizza are probably the happiest times I’ve ever had in my life,” he said, wistfully.

The couple hasn’t seen each other face – to –face since the end of August and their separation will not end this holiday season.

“My parents have moved to New Brunswick, which adds a whole new level of complication to the relationship,” Duffy explained.

Busta will also be visiting his parents in Saskatchewan over the Christmas season.

“For Christmas, we’re both sending small gifts to each other,” Busta said.

He continued by saying he wasn’t sure how they were going to celebrate New Years, as they are living in different time zones and would pass Midnight at different times.

“We might talk on the phone at midnight and celebrate it that way,” he said.

Both Duffy and Busta seem optimistic in regards to their relationship lasting. Busta said he thinks both him and Duffy are mature and that helps strengthen their relationship.

“It sounds cliché but communication is key,” said Busta.

Duffy added that with technology, communication is easier than ever and she enjoys having someone from back home to share her life with. She also said that some of Busta’s older relatives had gone long distance in their youth.

“If they could do it with such limited forms of communication, surely we can succeed in 2017 with all the technology,” said Duffy.

Busta plans to go to Quebec over the February Reading Week to visit Duffy for her birthday.

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