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There is no other feeling like arriving at a place that makes you feel so much at home with your family.

Creighton, Saskatchewan has been the location of my grandparents for my entire life and I have visited there more times than I can count. The atmosphere there is like nothing I have ever seen before, which makes this place so unique and great. The number of different activities you can do there is so impressive that it is super rare for someone to get bored and if they do, there is a good chance they’re not human.

Let’s begin with the fishing, shall we? The fishing in Creighton is unreal; every time you go on a fishing trip, you’re for sure not going to come home empty-handed. The variety of different fish include walleye, pike, trout (rainbow and brook), perch and a few others.

Fishing with your family is an activity that I really love and the feeling of reeling in a big walleye is so unexplainable, you don’t even know. The great thing about fishing up north is you can basically fish anytime of the year!

The next activity I am going to talk about is bird hunting. In Creighton, there is quite a few different types of birds that you can hunt including grouse (ruffed and sharp-tailed), Hungarian partridge and ptarmigan. Grouse hunting is in the fall and ptarmigan hunting is in the winter, so really, that’s a lot of time to hunt some birds and get some meat. In the end, it is still a super fun activity to do with my family and hands down is one of the most fun activities in the world.

The third and last activity I am going to talk about is watching movies and playing cards. Don’t get me wrong, there is way more than three different activities to do in Creighton, but unfortunately I am not writing a novel here. As everyone knows there is no better event than watching a good movie with the ones that you love. Having some snacks while sitting back watching a movie is really hard to beat.

Playing cards/board games is in the same boat as well. Card games are just a great way to visit and catch up with people and try your best to win, but also not to cheat, (sorry Grandma) and take home some bragging rights in your family for a few hours or so.

Creighton may be around 12 hours away, but it is so worth it and is still one of my favourite places on this planet to travel to. I wouldn’t trade spending some time up there for anything in the world.

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  1. Colleen Griffin said:

    Great to see you writing about a personal subject, it’s very touching and shows what great people your grandparents are! It might be an idea to include your personal background into your articles, it draws the reader in and makes your article unique. :)

    • Houston Garinger said:

      Thanks Auntie! I will give it a try on my next one!

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