The Marathon of Hope continues

A Lethbridge citizen stretches before the Terry Fox Run at Henderson Lake Park on Sunday.

A Lethbridge citizen stretches before the Terry Fox Run at Henderson Lake Park on Sunday.

Lethbridge residents ran for hope at the annual Terry Fox Run in Henderson Lake Park on Sunday.

Terry Fox was the visionary for the Marathon of Hope when he decided to run across Canada on one leg to raise funding and awareness for cancer research.

Fox travelled over 5,000 kilometres in 143 days during his run before his cancer spread to his lungs and he had to travel to Vancouver for medical treatment.

Though it has been 37 years since his death, participants are no less passionate about the cause. Many hold Fox’s vision dear to their hearts, and for a good reason.


According to the Canadian Cancer Society, over 500 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer every day. And on average, over 200 Canadians die of cancer daily.

Fox’s uncle, Terry Fox, says Fox’s legacy will live on until the cure for cancer is found.

“Everyone is important. There are a billion people in the world – only one of me and one of you,” Fox spoke of his nephew’s ideology, “That’s what I learned from my nephew and that’s why he was concerned with helping people.”

Three generations of Lethbridge residents took part in the day’s events. Children, parents, and grandparents had the choice to run two, five or 10 kilometres around Henderson Lake.

Evelyn Moman, the chair of the Lethbridge Terry Fox Run, said she wanted the community to know this is not a single person’s fundraiser.

“This is a family run,” she said, “I don’t want the next generation, my grandchildren, to have to face this deadly disease.”

Over $700 Million dollars have been raised for cancer research to date, according to the Terry Fox Foundation. This year’s fundraising effort will see this figure rise as 82 per cent of the money raised will go to research.

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