Virtual reality at Collide-O-Scope

With the winter semester drawing to a close, students at the college are looking forward to the summer.

The students in the School of Media and Design have one more thing to look forward to before they end their semester here…. Collide-O-Scope.

Collide-O-Scope initially started at the college decades ago as a fashion show.

As it progressed, the faculty and staff of Media and Design saw that this could be a way for the whole school to work together.

With the expansion of virtual and augmented reality, advances have been made in the school too, with a huge step forward for the Multimedia and Digital Communications and Media students participating in this year’s event.


“Audience members hold up their phones and use the Blippar app, and it comes to life. It’s like a window into another world,” said Tanya Weder an instructor in the Multimedia Production program.

An app will be used to showcase each graduate from the different programs.

To ensure that each grad is properly highlighted they will have their very own augmented reality poster to show their work.

“We’re going to be having some virtual reality demonstrations for the students and also for the people who are attending to have a look at,” said Martina Emard one of the DCM instructors.

The Multimedia production students will be the ones working on creating each page for those taking part in the augmented reality.

“An intern for Collide-O-Scope, a multimedia student, she’s creating all of the posters,” said Weder.

Previous themes include Connectivity in 2015, and Creative Combat in 2016. This year’s theme is a little different.

“This year, it’s Encompass. It illustrates how all four of our creative programs work together to create and be creative in each of our industries,” said Emard.

Collide-O-Scope will take place in the Garden Court Dining room located at the College, and the event will take place on April 22 at 6 p.m.

To purchase tickets one can check out the Lethbridge College website and click the Collide-O-Scope button located on the home page.


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