Waterton flexes mussels

Waterton Lakes National Park have banned motorized water vehicles like to try and combat an invasive mussel species.

Parks Canada made the decision after large Aquatic Mussels larvae were found in the Tiber Reservoir in Montana last November.

Once the species are found in an ecosystem they are almost impossible to get rid of and they also have a big detriment to the surrounding environment.

“Given the huge risk associated with an infestation of these mussels, I wholeheartedly support the decision of Parks Canada to ban motorized and trailer-launched watercraft in Waterton Lakes National Park,” said Foothills MP John Barlow in a recent press release.

Tiber Reservoir and Waterton are relatively close to each other and Parks Canada deems the ban will be an effective way to keep the mussels out of the park.


The mussels can attach to boats and loading equipment, transferring from bodies of water , microscopic larvae making detection incredibly hard.

Meghan Cox has worked in the park and she says protecting the environment should be a main priority.

“I am all for protecting the environment and believe that parks provide a great way to both put money into the economy and showcase the beauty we are lucky to live so close to for travelers and Canadians,” said Cox.

Waterton looks to be a busy tourist destination this year due to Parks Canada offering free Discovery passes to all parks for Canada’s 150th birthday.

The park itself will be doing its best to keep motorized boats out of the water by placing barricades.
Fines for launching boats could reach up to $25,000.

The mussels were first found in North America in the 1980s after coming from Europe and so far they have been found in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and 34 states.


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